Mar 5th Smart-stb

Do not buy if you only have smart stb. We will not provide service for it.

Aquarius is starting to run H.265 make sure your devices support that before purchasing.

Feb 10th Dreamlink T2's In Stock Now

Dreamlink T2's in stock now and ready for delivery shipping to the US and CAN.

Feb 9th Gemini Server

We are proud to introduce the Gemini server give this server a chance you will be amazed by the quality!

APK can be downloaded here

Jan 6th Welcome to IPRocket!

Hello Passengers,IPRocket is currently in a closed beta for all of it's services and they are not available to order without invitation.If you were referred here, you're likely in the right place and let us be the first to welcome you! This is Mission Control: the one area you will go to for support, billing and sales purposes. All accounts are ... Read More »