May 25th Dreamlinks and Formuler now in stock!

Dreamlink T1 plus 99.00
Dreamlink T2 - 109.00
Formuler Z Nano - 80.00 (Comparable to the MAG 256 - Iptv stb no other apps)
Formuler Z7+ - 135.00 (Top of the line iptv box EU version built in wifi)

All of our units are guarantee to work with all of our services!!!

Jan 6th Welcome to IPRocket!

Hello Passengers,IPRocket is currently in a closed beta for all of it's services and they are not available to order without invitation.If you were referred here, you're likely in the right place and let us be the first to welcome you! This is Mission Control: the one area you will go to for support, billing and sales purposes. All accounts are ... Les mer »