Hello Passengers,

IPRocket is currently in a closed beta for all of it's services and they are not available to order without invitation.
If you were referred here, you're likely in the right place and let us be the first to welcome you!

This is Mission Control: the one area you will go to for support, billing and sales purposes. All accounts are provisioned through Mission Control as well as the payment of all invoices.

We currently accept three payment methods to pay for your services:

  • Credit Card: Credit Cards are currently handled by Stripe. You will not be entering your Credit Card information through Mission Control but instead be redirected to Stripe to process your payment. Please be sure you check your address bar and verify that you are at https://stripe.com before entering any personal information. Stripe will then process your information and immediately notifiy us marking your invoice as paid.
  • PayPal: PayPal payments are processed by PayPal directly. You can use this method to pay with your PayPal account or Credit Card.
  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin payments are also processed by Stripe. Stripe will provide you with a Bitcoin address to remit payment to and immediately notify us when to mark your invoice as paid. Be sure to send the exact amount requested by Stripe. If you send anything over or under Stripe will send you an email requesting a return address and your payment will be marked as cancelled. As before, verify you are on https://stripe.com to ensure you are receiving the correct Bitcoin address.

Once you have made your payment, your service will then be provisioned. From there, you will be notified via email whenever your service is expiring or if an invoice has been generated. You must come back to Mission Control before your payment due date to make your payment. You can contact the Billing Department if you need any assistance with your payment.

If you need any assistance at all, click here to open a ticket. We'll be more than happy to assist you!

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We can't wait to meet you!


Friday, January 6, 2017

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